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Rod Memmott

President / CEO

About our Company

Hi, My name is Rod Memmott. I formed Construction Concierge of Idaho after moving to the Treasure Valley in early 2019. Construction Concierge of Idaho is the parent company of OffGrid Power of Idaho.

OffGrid Power of Idaho LLC is a Turn-Key Provider of Home Back-Up Power Solutions from Generac, (the leading manufacturer and provider of back-up power generation worldwide).

With the world becoming more and more unpredictable, having the peace of mind and security of owning a back-up power solution for your home is not only invaluable, but a necessity in many cases.


OFFGrid Power of Idaho can provide the right solution at a competitive price, and we take care of the entire process from start to finish.

A typical project will include; site preparation and delivery of our custom pre-cast concrete Generator pad, providing and installing the Generac required Cold Weather Kit and battery, delivery and set-up of the Generator, acquiring all required permits, coordination of the State of Idaho inspectors and Idaho Power, Gas meter swap with Intermountain Gas (if required), rough-in and connection of the required gas line after State inspection and approval, all electrical parts and labor to properly and professionally install the Generac Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS), programming and testing of the unit and system, and customer orientation. 

My business experience spans 30 years nationally in the construction industry and specifically in the highly regulated healthcare and hotel industries where quality, precision timing, communication, and complete customer satisfaction is imperative.

Once here, I fell in love with this beautiful state and the warm and wonderful people of Idaho as well as the newly arriving transplants looking for the Americana  lifestyle that we all long for and embrace. 

As I watched the world change almost as never imagined, I personally felt compelled to purchase the security of a Home Standby power system for myself and my mother.

I then explored and pursued a unique opportunity to help other home-owners and business owners like you here in the Treasure Valley, by providing the security and peace of mind of having a Standby Back-Up power system at your home or business as well.  

Calling OFFGrid Power of Idaho insures that you will be greeted on the other line by an experienced, licensed and insured professional passionate about delivering unmatched quality and 100% customer satisfaction! 

So if you are considering purchasing a home backup power system, your first call should be to Construction Concierge of Idaho.


Call Now! (208) 254-2245

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