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When we completed your project we should have left you with a few brochures to share with your neighbors, friends, and family that have also purchased a new home. All that you have to do is hand them our  Welcome brochure and let them know that one call to Construction Concierge can help them turn their after-sale To-Do-List into their To-Done-List! 

Then log onto this page and register them as your referral (We'll send you a confirmation each time), and as long as they own their home any project that we do for them will earn you a 2% bonus income! 


That's all there is to it!

As our way of thanking you for trusting Construction Concierge of Idaho to help you to make your new home uniquely yours, we will pay you a 2% commission for all referred business for as long as that homeowner stays with their home!

Referral Information

Your Info

Referral Info

Thank you so much for the referral. This homeowner will now be registered under you and you will receive your referral bonus of 2% of the total contract amount for any work that we do for them for as long as they own their home!

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