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Thank you for your interest in becoming a qualified Strategic Partner with Construction Concierge. 

Please fill out and submit the form below and we will be in touch with you within 24 hours of receiving your submission.

Construction Concierge is unlike the typical online service providers for contractor services such as Angie's List or Home Adviser.

  • We do not charge you for leads

  • We do not rely on you to sell the job

  • We do not rely on you to collect the money when you're done!


Here's how it works:

  • We utilize Print media, Social Media, and face to face sales strategies to market and sell our services to new home owners.

  • We make the initial sales call to determine the need and timing of the proposed work

  • We bring our strategic partners (that's you) to bid the projects

  • We sell the projects.

  • Then we award the work to our successful Strategic Partner.


Fee Structure:​


Strategic Partner Level - If I gave you a $100 Bill would you be willing to give me $10 Bucks?

  • Our Strategic Partner Fee is 10% of the Strategic Partner's bid cost

Example: Construction Concierge (We) invite you to bid a project along with one or two other contractors providing the same service. You are the successful bidder, you complete the job and invoice us​ for your project. We pay you for the total Less 10% OR We pay you progress payments less 10% of each payment.


Preferred Partner Level - If I offered you a $100 Bill before I offered it to anyone else would you be willing to give me $15 Bucks?


  • Our Preferred Partner Fee is 15% of the Preferred Partner bid cost

If you choose to do so, you can choose the Preferred Partner level of participation​. This designation means that you will have a 5% advantage over the other bidders.

Example: ​Three bidders bid the project.  Your bid is $5,000., Bid #2 is $4900., and Bid #3 is $4800.

In this example you would be the low bidder as you have a $250 advantage over the other 2 bidders. Your advantage bid would be $4,750 beating the other 2 bidders. Your payment from us would be $5000 less our 15% fee or $4250.

This advantage will increase your opportunity to be successful in your bids and your overall volume of work, and revenue.

Important Note: It can be tempting to simply mark-up your project to offset the fee that Construction Concierge charges you. However, consider that if you do that, you will limit the number of bids that you and we, are successful on.  Also consider that being on our team means that Construction Concierge is like having your own sales and marketing division without the cost of sales people, sales training, printed materials. sales vehicles, fuel, maintenance, insurance, payroll taxes and more and that's worth a lot! Our relationship with local Realtors, Sales Agents, and Developers as well as our dedicated outside sales staff, insures that you will be introduced to opportunities that you would otherwise likely not have.

So If you're interested, let's get you signed up! Simply fill out the form below and submit it.  We will contact you within 24 hours to confirm our interest and set up a time and date to meet.


Thanks again,

R. Scott​

Strategic Partner Application
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Interior Projects

Thanks for submitting your Application. We'll get back to you soon

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